Word from the street: Are you happy hockey’s back?

  • The time: Just after sunrise Tuesday morning, October 4, 2005.
  • The place:  Jim Lind Arena in the Kelowna suburb of Westbank, B.C.
  • The topic: Hockey Night in Canada returns to rec rooms and barrooms across the land
Ken Bulman.

Ken Bulman – I’m ecstatic! I can’t wait. Junior hockey? I enjoyed it big time but junior hockey isn’t the NHL. Saturday night hockey! Definitely a family affair as far back as I can remember. Five years old, TV dinner, Hockey Night in Canada…the tradition continues!


Terry- I’m glad the NHL is coming back. I won’t have to entertain my husband any more. He was very upset about no hockey. I have a child who plays so, for me, it’s just personal enjoyment watching my own kid. Rep hockey, the Triple A level hockey, became more important. And we actually started listening to the (Kelowna) Rockets games on the radio as part of Hockey Night in our house.

John Brown.

John Brown- I’m pretty high on being a fan. I watched hockey all my life, participated in hockey as a player. It was disappointing not to have seen it last year. It’s just good to see the players back and we’ll be able to watch our Canadian game. Its nice to watch some of the other sports but Im looking forward to it. Junior hockey? We found there is a good background to the game and thats where the roots are. What I can see coming out of the NHL situation is a little more parity in the league. If any given night any team can win, then thats a good thing. Theres no gimme games. Im a former goaltender, so Im not a big fan of shootouts. But thats going to give more meaning to teams wanting to end it before it gets to that point.

Mike Main.

Mike Main- I couldnt be happier! I just love hockey and its that time of the year. Last year? I coached hockey, watched a bit of the (Kelowna) Rockets and the World Juniors. I pretty much kept busy with other hockey stuff. It was the best you could do at that point. New rules? Too many
penalties. The shootout? I love that. Its good to see.

Mark Lindsay.

Mark Lindsay- Ive been playing hockey since I was seven years old. Thats pretty much all I think about every night before I go to bed. I progressed from minor hockey here on the Westside, played Junior in Sicamous, then Western League. Now Im playing professionally. Im getting older every year and the chances get harder, but the NHL its still a dream of mine. A year without hockey? I thought it was good. Whats the game about? Its a business but it was getting selfish with the money and that. I think the teams are more balanced now. I really enjoy the new look on teams. Its going to make for much better hockey, especially the rules. Things are going to take a turn with the clutching and grabbing. Things will open up, faster hockey through the open ice.


Michelle- Im very happy that NHL hockey is coming back because I think its a great role model for all of the young hockey players, even my daughter though she wont play in the NHL. Its entertaining, its a great sport, and we need a professional level. I hope the support we saw for junior
hockey stays because its nice to come out and see a live game. A lot of people cant afford to go to NHL games. I hope the support is there for minor hockey and junior. And Im really watching for women’s hockey to take off in the next few years, too.

Brett Price.

Brett Price- I play midget Triple A. It kind of sucked not having NHL to watch on TV. Its good its coming back. There were a lot more people watching WHL games without the NHL so there was a lot more publicity. The shutdown? Before it was love of the game because they wanted to play. The last five years its just been money, more money, nine, ten million dollars. I think they should have kept the rules the same. They made the nets bigger, the pads smaller. I think the shootouts pretty good. Its a way to make the game more exciting. It will make games quicker and more fun to watch.

Tyler French.

Tyler French- Im 15. And i am the owner of some websites like and and I’ve played hockey all my life. Without the NHL, it was no fun, nothing to look forward to during the winter. All the trades and everything, it will just be fun to get watching it again. I think the shootouts will be more fun for the fans but for the players it’s a
crummy way to lose a game.

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